student feedback

Below are selected comments from end of term student evaluations. The selection I have chosen emphasize my commitment to inclusivity by ensuring targeted support and flexibility with students, exemplified in many of the student’s comments throughout. Other comments exemplify my commitment to providing students with active learning opportunities and promoting problem solving skills. The feedback students provide continue to feed into my teaching reflection and evolving practices. For example, after receiving feedback from students previously that they enjoyed self reflection and peer-based activities, I incorporated more of these opportunities into my future courses that were originally more lecture-focused.


“[Kaylynn] was amazing! I loved her examples in class and the videos she chose to show. It’s helpful when learning to have a clear example that is interesting to the class.”

“Going in depth about the different waves of variation. I like having the self reflection, then speaking with pairs, and finally talking as a group.”

“Kaylynn is an amazing teacher who cares about her students.”

“Kaylynn was incredibly helpful this term. I’m so grateful she was the GE for this class–the discussion sections were imperative in my overall understanding of the class, especially what to do for the project. When it came to office hours, Kaylynn went above and beyond with making additional office hours and staying late to help us figure out excel plotting. I really appreciate Kaylynn’s energy in class, she keeps it interesting and stays on task. Discussion sections were always very productive.”

language & cognition

“Lab was super helpful for trying to process the information we were given in class each week. Without our GE’s instruction, I would have been completely lost.”

“There are many topics that I would not have been able to figure out without Kaylynn’s help. She helped to take a relatively inaccessible topic and make it easier to digest.”

“Kaylynn is an amazing teacher, I learned more in this discussion than in lecture. Everything in class is super clear and she gives great examples of different concepts.”

“Kaylynn was a great discussion instructor and extremely helpful through all of the class assignments. She was clear about what her expectations were for our work and her reviews in preparation for the tests were great. Without her review, I probably wouldn’t have done as well on the midterm. I would recommend anyone to take a class with her if they can!”

structure of English words

“Ms. Gunter frequently checked in with us during lectures to make sure that we were following and understanding the material. She made me feel safe to ask questions, and she was always ready for any question asked.”

“Especially with this term, I feel like the professor actually took into account that there is a pandemic and made adjustments that didn’t harm my learning.

“I felt that my understanding of the class is all because of Kaylynn. She explains things well and when someone asks a question or doesn’t understand her explanation, she will supportively adapt the answer to meet the needs of the student’s understanding. Also, I feel like I know how to navigate well in the class because of clear instruction.”

“This class made me think and use my problem solving skills. There were some times where it was challenging and frustrating but getting it correct would feel very rewarding.”

“Kaylynn was fantastic. She is completely in tune with her students and thoroughly conveys material so that students understand concepts. She is consistently supportive! After four years of college at UO, I can firmly say that she is just as good or better than many of the professors I have had. Coming from a different major, I was very pleased with the way this course was taught. Kaylynn made learning linguistics an interesting and enjoyable activity. She would be a great addition to UO faculty!”