sample teaching documents

This page provides links to sample teaching documents I have developed including a course syllabus for a new class, a sample assignment from a previous course (LING 150, Structure of English Words), and sample lesson plans from a few courses I have taught.

sample assignment

This is a sample assignment written for LING 150: Structure of English Words. Students are asked to research new words and interact with concepts of semantic shift, power, and what it means to be a word.

sample lesson plan: sociolinguistic variables

A sample lesson plan for a workshop for students coding sociolinguistic variables using the Corpus of Regional African American Language.


sample syllabus

This is a sample syllabus written for a course on Language & Power.

sample lesson plan: phonetics

A second sample lesson plan: coming soon.

sample syllabus

This is a sample syllabus for a discussion section for an introduction to linguistics course (LING 101).