past courses

As a graduate student at the University of Oregon I have held the following teaching responsibilities:

LING 201Language &  PowerTeaching AssistantFall 2016, 2018, 2019, 2021
LING 302Introduction to Linguistic BehaviorTeaching AssistantWinter 2017, Spring 2017, Winter 2020
LING 491SociolinguisticsTeaching AssistantSpring 2019, 2020, Winter 2021, 2022
LING 101Introduction to LinguisticsTeaching AssistantFall 2017
LING 396Language & CognitionTeaching AssistantWinter 2018
LING 150Structure of English WordsInstructor of RecordFall 2020

Statement of Responsibilities:

As a graduate student in the department of linguistics, I have primarily been a teaching assistant. As a teaching assistant, my responsibilities include leading the discussion section component of the course, grading, and coordinating with faculty. The nature and structure of the discussion component varies by course. In some courses it was primarily lab based, focusing on the skillsets necessary to do linguistic analysis and “lab” assignments (e.g., LING 302 all terms, 491 spring 2019, 2020). In other courses I focused primarily on deconstructing concepts from class and providing additional active learning opportunities to solidify complex concepts (e.g., LING 396, LING 302). Finally, other courses focused primarily on discussion based opportunities and preparation for written assignments (e.g., LING 201). As a sole instructor for LING 150: Structure of English words, I worked with other section instructors and faculty to develop assignments (see sample assignment), learning outcomes, and lecture materials.