To see my current CV please download it here. Listed below are my recent publications.

Recent Publications

Gunter, Kaylynn, Charlie Farrington. (in press). Standards of American English. Wiley Encyclopedia of World Englishes. Wiley Blackwell.

Gunter, Kaylynn, Charlotte Vaughn, Tyler Kendall. (2022). Contextualizing /s/ retraction: Sibilant variation and change in Washington D.C. AAL.  Language Variation and Change.

Kendall, Tyler, Charlotte Vaughn, Charlie Farrington, Kaylynn Gunter, Jaidan McLean, Chloe Tacata, and Shelby Arnson. (2021). Considering the automated and manual coding of sociolinguistic variables: Lessons from variable (ING). Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, section Language and Computation.

Gunter, Kaylynn, Charlotte Vaughn, Tyler Kendall. (2020). “Perceiving Southernness: The role of vowel categories and acoustic cues in Southernness ratings.” Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 147(1), 643-656.

Vaughn, C., Tyler S. Kendall, and Kaylynn M. Gunter. (2018). “Probing the Social Meaning of English Adjective Intensifiers as a Class Lab Project.” American Speech 93.2 (2018): 298–311.